The Macleod Vineyard is owned by the renowned George MacLeod and his family. He moved from the central states in the 70's to develop this piece of land into the beautiful ranch it is today.

The ranch consists of fifty hillside acres on the Western side of Sonoma County's Valley of the Moon. The soil is a rocky loam consisting of poorly sorted, metamorphic and recent volcanic debris, stones, boulders, sand and clay layers with about 20 inches of topsoil underlain with more rocks and boulders and eventually volcanic andesite. This is not your typical farm or garden soil but when properly managed lean rocky soils like this can produce wine grapes with unusually great flavors.

Our block is eastern facing, providing cool nights but early sun to dry the bunches of fruit and avoid any spoilage. It avoids the intense afternoon heat that allows for extended hang time and slow ripening. The vines are 25 years old and show in the complex array of flavors that we see in our wine. The site has a natural tendency to have a small yield, ripen slowly and is quite vigorous; achieving sugar ripeness just as the flavors are see-sawing between citrus and tropical. These are the indicators that we look for when we pick. We crop for low yield ensuring that each shoot has a maximum two clusters and shoots are positioned to achieve maximum potential.

It is a privilege to be purchasing grapes from this vineyard and we look forward to working with George and his family for a long time to come.