Vineyard Bloom at Gordenker Ranch

The Gordenker Vineyard is in full bloom and is probably the most prolific bloom I have seen in my 5 years of management. The great weather this last week has pushed things along nicely. We are still comfortably 2 weeks behind last year in development and there should be plenty of fruit This means lots of crop control to balance the vines and flavors in the fruit.


The Gordenker Rock is Taking Shape.

Gilham Erickson's project for Gordenker's entrance way is taking shape. Come join us on Saturday and see for yourself. Here is Tom's mum, Lynette (just arrived from New Zealand) taking a breather on the rock with ranch dog, Prim.

GORDENKER Wine Release Party!

We would love you to join us for a day to familiarize yourself with Gordenker wines and the Farm!


...and an exclusive opportunity to Buy our Wines!